5 Steps to Get the Woman of Your Dreams

Published: 21st December 2009
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In these 5 steps to get the woman of your dreams, we will assume you already have your eye on someone.

You have met the woman of your dreams and you want her to notice you but, you think you don't have a chance because she is so beautiful and other men, better looking men, are all over her.

But you are wrong!

Use these 5 steps to get the woman of your dreams to notice you, and you may just end up with the woman of your dreams faster than you think..

1st Meeting, Be Aloof:

Women don't want a puppet. They want a man.

If all the other men are showing her attention, you be aloof.

This does not mean to ignore her. This means you can engage in conversation and answer her questions, always with a smile and looking her in the eye, but always leaving the area the second her response becomes negative.

Beautiful women are used to all those good looking guys being stalkers. She will notice you above all others when you end the conversation first.

Just say, "Well, it really has been a pleasure meeting you but I'm late for a date" Then head out.

Do NOT ask for a number, even reject it if she offers you one! Say you don't have a pen. If she wants to give you her number that bad, she will find one.

2nd to 3rd Meetings: Show Some Interest:

At the next two opportunities to speak with your girl, show some mild interest in what she is into.

Say you have seen her around and wonder what she does for the company (if you work together) or what brings her to the club (if your in one) or what she thinks of the landscaping in the park (if your in one).

The general idea is to use your surroundings as an easy way to open a question that invites conversation between you and the woman of your dreams.

Remember to end your conversation the moment you feel a negative response or see she has no interest in speaking about it.

Just extend your hand to shake hers and say, "I'm glad we ran into each other and would like to stay and talk but I'm late for an appointment and have to run". Do not look back.

On the 3rd meeting do as above but this time turn around and wave to her when you are about 10 steps away. The look back shows you are interested.

4th Meeting: This is a critical point. You are either going to get the girl, or stop wasting your time.

When you run into your girl again, this time you must show her attention immediately. But say something smart like "Wow, you look different today, did you do something with your hair?"

Let her respond. A "No" reply with a disgusted look means you're out the door. Just pack up, be a man about it and say, "I only meant to say you looked great" and walk away.

Games over and don't look back.

If she has any interest in you at all, she will reply with "What do you mean".

You then must enthusiastically reply, "I meant to say you look incredible, like the woman of my dreams, but the words wouldn't come out!"

This is a technique of subliminal messaging used by many "Mack Daddies" to gauge whether they have a chance with the woman or not.

After you have told her she looks incredible, if she appears to relax a little and smile, without wasting anytime, say "I am heading for coffee, or to get a drink, or to the water fountain (again, use your surroundings) would you like to come along?"

If she answers yes, you are in, but come up with an excuse to cancel. Say your cell phone is buzzing, pick it up and act as if you have an emergency and have to leave. But before you go say "I'm sorry I have to run but I would really like to get to know you better, would you consider having dinner with me?"

If she says yes, set the date for the earliest time you are both available. Late afternoon dates are best for first time meetings.

The atmosphere of an open air restaurant within an hour or so of sunset sets a safety factor for women.

5th Meeting, The Date:

This is your last chance to impress your girl.

Get a hair cut, shave and dress casually. Wearing proper attire for the date you have chosen is critical.

Don't show up to a baseball game dressed for golf.

Show up early and have someone prepare a special table for you away from the crowds. Have candles set and a rose ready to present to your girl. No bouquets of flowers, just a simple red rose.

When she finally arrives, greet her with the rose and tell her again how wonderful she looks.

When seated start your conversation with questions about her, but don't be invasive. Pay attention and ask continuation questions to her topic. If she likes ice cream, ask her what flavor, with or without nuts?

If you follow these few simple rules you will win the woman of your dreams interest over all others and finally, "Get the Woman of Your Dreams".
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